Alex Honnold x Squarespace

Alex Honnold is a free-solo rock climber. This means he climbs places like Yosemite - with no rope. 

He also happens to be a Squarespace customer and we collaborated with him to create a unique signature design for his website. Not only did we create a unique design, but we turned his site into a template which anyone in the world can use as a starting point for their own website.

To promote the collaboration we created a short promotional film, a climbers cut of the unbelievable climb and finally a 30 second cutdown premiering during the World Series. This shoot was probably the most humbling experience that I've ever been part of - it still makes my palms sweat when I see any of these films.

Visit Alex's site based on this new template.

Company: Squarespace
Role: Chief Creative Officer
Partner: Special Guest / 1st Ave Machine