Cover Pages

One of the main features that we introduced for Squarespace 7 was Cover Pages. We've always had a robust web publishing platform which allowed anyone to create a full featured website, e-commerce store, portfolio or blog. There are however, many people who simply do not require a full website experience. We've always believed that everyone in the world deserves an online presence that they're proud of - now they can.

This insight led to the development of a new page type called Cover Pages. Use them to add a full screen intro to your website, or use it as a standalone business card, playlist, resume, video trailer and more. Sometimes bold ideas don't require a full web presence, that's why Cover Pages can be used to convey a single idea in a beautiful way. They are designed with your time in mind. That's why each is beautiful and convenient right out of the box, letting you make more of an impact in even less time.

Each Cover Page is made with a persona in mind, so whether you're a photographer, student or business owner - stay tuned for many more to come and keep an eye out for some big news in the near future.

Company: Squarespace
Role: Chief Creative Officer
Role: Product Lead