Digital Arts Network

Digital Arts Network (DAN) is the global digital network of TBWA, covering teams in six continents and 18 countries. DAN is the unification of TBWA’s digital talent, encompassing over 700 digital specialists within the network across 18 countries.

DAN is a formal global structure for how TBWA approaches digital and integration, rooted in TBWA’s Media Arts philosophy that, everything between a brand and an audience is media and that increasingly, those touch points are digital. 

The core competencies of TBWA\DAN include creative technology, UX, e-commerce, social media, content, mobile, IP and platforms, analytics, search, audience behavior and production. 

The unique differentiator of TBWA\DAN is that clients get the best of local and global talent, best-of-breed specialists, resources and IP through one local entry point.

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Company: TBWA + DAN Worldwide
Role: Worldwide Executive Creative Director