Elevated How To's

Squarespace has always been known as a great place to build a website. In November 2015 we set out to create 3 new distinct product categories that tailored to new use cases and new customers.

Cover Pages allowed anyone to create a simple landing page or online identity in a few simple steps. Websites continues to be our core product which is perfect for a personal or business site that requires customizability and flexibility to scale. Commerce was now introduced as our high-end, robust E-commerce platform which allows anyone to manage and maintain their business online with our suite of tools.

We set out to create 3 How-to videos which were to serve as product demonstration films, we just knew that no one really likes watching them. The idea was simple, lets create a set of elevated How-to films which educate but entertain at the same time. Using 3 actual customers we created long form films which were then cut down to 30 and 15 sec ads.

Company: Squarespace
Role: Chief Creative Officer
Partner: B-Reel