Dreaming with Jeff

Super Bowl 2015. 

On the biggest stage with record viewership we set out to do something very brave. In a sea of loud, obnoxious fireworks and ads that match the same octane level, Squarespace decided to stand out by going in a very unique direction.

We believe that any idea should be built beautifully. Whether it's something thoughtful and elegant, to the ideas that come off a bit odd, or even the one's so ridiculous sounding you would never believe they were real. The difference is when you build your idea on Squarespace, no matter what it is - it transforms into something beautiful.

We collaborated with the one and only Jeff Bridges to create an genuine idea so ridiculous that it stopped people in their tracks. This is when Jeff's Sleeping Tapes was born. An entire album of meditative tracks to put you to sleep created by Jeff himself. This was not only real, but we actually co-created the album and sold it on his Squarespace site using our E-commerce platform, with all of the proceeds going to the charity No Kid Hungry.

Our campaign kicked off with 2 ominous trailers that aired during the game. We knew that the best way to stand out was to stop people in their tracks - and we did. You can educate or entertain but you can't do both during the Super Bowl, we felt that it was best to experience our product rather than tell it in 30 seconds. 

In the end we sold enough album downloads, vinyl records and yes - even cassette tapes, all of which gave us the headline of the Super Bowl campaign that fed millions of kids. We were featured as one of the best campaigns of the big game and nominated as one of the best albums of the year from Pitchfork and Billboard magazine. Jeff went on Conan and Jimmy Kimmel to do a group Om with the entire crowd and he is still promoting the album to this day. The campaign has so far won a Silver at Cannes, a Graphite Pencil at D&AD and another silver at the One Show.

Visit Dreamingwithjeff.com to listen to the album and purchase the record.
Read the Pitchfork review of the album here.

Company: Squarespace
Role: Chief Creative Officer
Partner: W+K NY