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Super Bowl 50. The biggest of the big events and Squarespace's third time at the big show - we knew we wanted to do something different. 

The competition is fierce and the smoke and mirrors are thick so we decided to create our own live event to coincide with big one happening at the same time. Who better to collaborate with on the big game day than Key and Peele, two comedic geniuses known for leaning into sports commentary with their brilliant comedy sketches. What we didn't want to do was something done before so we came up with our own character sketch with Key and Peele for the Super Bowl. Lee and Morris would be doing their own live sports commentary during the game brought to you by Squarespace - for 4 hours completely live, unfiltered. The only catch? We were legally not allowed to do any of it. No NFL approval, no mention of player names, essentially nothing related to the big game was allowed to be mentioned at all. We decided to embrace the legalities and run with it.

This year’s campaign maintained a very tight connection to all digital channels, and our goal was to pull them all together at the right moment. In order to get people excited and willing to tune in, we had to do significant PR in advance of the big game, which led to the most extensive pre game coverage we have ever seen. Due to the nature of the idea, we wanted to make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience so fans could only see this live event during game day. This year’s idea featured the power of our blogging platform and we created a unique design which allowed us to live blog the entire event using videos, social, animated gifs and other content. This resulted in countless amounts of unique content created pre, during and post game coverage which led us to become a trending topic on facebook throughout the day. 

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Company: Squarespace
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