Leon Bridges - This is Home

On music's biggest night, we partnered with Leon Bridges to tell his story at the Grammy Awards. What people or fans might now know is that Leon was living in Fort Worth, Texas washing dishes to make a living a year and a half ago. Fast forward to today and Leon has gone from open mic nights at empty bars to packed stadiums worldwide. The fact that Leon was a Squarespace customer was an amazing opportunity to tell his beautiful story to the world. We believe and encourage everyone who has a passion to go for it. No matter what people might say or where you were brought up, we provide the tools for anyone who has a dream to seize the day. 

We created 60, 30 and 15 sec spots that premiered at the Grammy Awards. This work was also accompanied by a completely revamped and refreshed Squarespace site for Leon, taking his classic yet modern sensibilities to create an online experience which was custom and tailored to his music and style. Finally we created a long form documentary film called "This is Home" chronicling his life story in reverse, going back to the roots he calls home. The film will be premiered in the near future. 

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Company: Squarespace
Role: Chief Creative Officer
Partner: Preacher