John Malkovich - Make your next move

There’s an explosion of creative entrepreneurship happening today, and Squarespace at its heart was founded as a platform to allow people to put their ideas out into the world and go after their passions.

Moving into the new year, our new brand platform of “Make Your Next Move” is a gentle reminder to everyone that you don’t have to settle for anything less than what you’re meant to do in this world.

In a time where anyone can change careers, or avoid working at companies altogether or even start their own from a dorm room, we are elevating the freelancer, entrepreneurial generation and giving people a platform to make these ideas a reality.

We met John on production of our collaborative project Playing Lynch. It was only through some honest, casual conversations that we realized that John had a real passion project which was completely different from his acting career.

John wanted to launch a new menswear fashion collection under his namesake. This wasn’t a side project; this was a real business and something he was interested in from his earlier days as a costume designer, performing in theatre, and his overlap with the fashion world.

What he didn’t have was a website to showcase his lookbook or an e-commerce store to sell his collection. This is when we began talking about doing a much bigger collaboration with Squarespace, where we would not only help create the unique template "Jaunt" for his wesite, but we would also launch a bigger narrative around his transition to the world.

John’s Journey is a beautiful, heartwarming campaign and short film. It’s a misdirect narrative that brings people into the world of John as an actor on set in Paris and transitions to a textured, dreamy world through the lens of John as a fashion designer. It’s a genuine portrayal of his life and it was a phenomenal opportunity for us to collaborate on his website and his story.

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Company: Squarespace
Role: Chief Creative Officer
Partner: John x Hannes