Playing Lynch

Our mission is to redefine the conventions of what the web can be. This means pushing ourselves everyday to find new ways of demonstrating the power, flexibility and grace of what Squarespace can do. Playing Lynch is a collaborative meditation of the work of David Lynch. We set out to create an online art gallery exhibition in collaboration with the David Lynch Foundation to pay homage to the music and films of the most iconic Lynch moments and open the mysterious online art gallery to the world.

Bringing together actor John Malkovich, Director/Photographer Sandro and a cast of musicians and artists which include Sky Fereira, Karen O, Shepard Fairey, Moby and more. We came together to reinterpret the work of David Lynch, recomposing and remixing the most iconic music and film characters through the lens of all of our collaborators - all for a good cause. Visitors could download the full tribute album, Directors cut of the film and limited edition prints for a small fee, all proceeds going to DLF to help their mission of raising awareness of the healing powers or Transcendental Mediation for those in need most.

We created a mysterious teaser campaign which got the social communities guessing and debating every piece of content we put out. This led to more mysterious Squarespace sites which held clues about each Lynch film, bringing visitors to a ominous microsite with a countdown. This all culminated with David Lynch himself revealing the last clues which led to the release of the Playing Lynch site. The experiential campaign that has just launched has received more press and PR than a Super Bowl campaign without 1 media dollar spent.

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Company: Squarespace
Role: Chief Creative Officer
Partner: David Lynch Foundation, Preacher