Squarespace Logo

Squarespace has been democratizing great design since it launched 10 years ago. So why stop there? 

Squarespace Logo helps anyone create a simple logo on their own. Logos can be comprised of a few basic elements: text, a tagline, and an icon. With the help of The Noun Project and Google Fonts, we provide a huge array of icons (30,000 and growing) and fonts that you can easily turn into a unique logo for your business. To give you an idea of how your logo will look, you can use our live previews to see your new logo on a business card, a website, or a t-shirt. When you’re ready to download your logo, we provide white on black, black on white, and full-color images in a variety of formats. No bevels, emboss or drop shadows allowed.

What we never anticipated was the global debate that Squarespace Logo would spark in the wake of its launch. For better or for worse, Squarespace Logo quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. Some felt threatened by it, while others praised it. Either way, the web and product design industry rapidly became aware of it. All numbers accounted for, the day we launched Squarespace Logo turned out to be one of the biggest marketing assets in our 10-year history. And we never spent a single marketing dollar promoting Squarespace Logo. This is the power of a product to disrupt in today’s marketing landscape. If you can create something powerful enough, it will create its own buzz.

There was hardly a designer on Twitter who didn’t weigh in on what Squarespace Logo meant for our industry. But for us, it meant a massive 30% spike in trials, 100s of tweets per hour at our flagship Twitter account, and dozens of press mentions in periods ranging from Wired, Fast Company and USA Today.

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Company: Squarespace
Role: Chief Creative Officer, Designer