Super Bowl -

Your domain is the purest form of your online identity. In a world where your legacy will be what’s returned from a search result in Google - you have to ask yourself the question - what do you want people to see when they search for your name online?

There is this funny reaction that happens to people when they are reminded that they don’t own their own domain name. There is something even more visceral that happens when people find out that their own namesake is already taken and they find out who has it. Our Super Bowl 51 campaign is a funny yet urgent reminder to get your domain before it’s gone. Anyone can claim your identity at any given moment in time, make sure you own own yours before it’s too late.

We took a real-life insight from John - who actually had to fight someone for his own domain name. So the idea was born out of the notion of imagining what a conversation would be like with John vs John - negotiating how he could get his domain name to launch his fashion collection. Thus the idea and narrative was born that John was about to complete his website on Squarespace only to realize that he had one crucial thing missing. There are very few people in the world who could pull off this type of emotional arc like John does. There are also very few people who can suspend disbelief that they are having a conversation with themself in a very meta way and pull it off. There are so many subtle facial expressions and nuances that really bring these films to life. The idea couldn’t be simpler and John’s performance steals the show and makes for something we believe will cut through the clutter at the Super Bowl.

We created two spots, a 60 sec pre-game film that ran an hour before kickoff and a 30 sec in-game spot in the first half. We also created bespoke versions of the spots for social content.

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Company: Squarespace
Role: Chief Creative Officer
Partner: John x Hannes