Recent Work

Most recently I had the opportunity to refresh the brand guidelines for Squarespace. We updated our logo, created a new typeface called Clarkson and introduced a kinetic identity system inspired by our roots in New York City. We’re one of the few and biggest tech companies that can call this city home and we wanted to make sure people knew that we’re not a Silicon Valley transplant.

We recently overhauled with our new brand guidelines and rebooted our Instagram channel to have more of a distinct point of view. Creating more in-depth content and a memorable design language.

I also had the amazing opportunity to convince Keanu Reeves to surf a motorcycle on the worlds biggest stage. Keanu is motorcycle enthusiast and wanted to create a campaign that shows how he made his custom motorcycle business on Squarespace.

We launched Squarespace email campaigns to the world. Introducing a fully integrated, simple to use email marketing tool that allows our customers to send beautiful, cutting-edge designed email newsletters to their customers.

Created a deceptively simple and beautiful commerce campaign to illustrate the capabilities to sell products and services on our platform.

Let’s see what else…I flew to Kiev last year to film a spot that required a specific type of humor to communicate the sea of sameness that everyone is swimming in today.

We partnered with Secret 7 and Mind to communicate the importance of mental health and created an experiential online and offline exhibit called Speak your mind that allows people to express their feelings through a generative, typographic engine we created.

I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Man vs Machine on a series of films that took real customers such as the phenomenal artist Daniel Arsham to create a heightened visual world for Squarespace.

I never thought that I would have Emmy winner to my list of accolades, but our Super Bowl 2017 campaign with John Malkovich won the most outstanding commercial of the year. We also made a poetic, misdirect short film about John’s journey from an actor to a fashion designer which ended up being one of my favorite pieces of all-time.

I had the insightful opportunity to help design an office from scratch. From the overall concept to the detailed finishings, our office at 8 Clarkson might be the best expression of our brand. There’s some photos of the office here.

More to come and more to remember in the near future…